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Attention All Youth!

Are you a member of 4-H, FFA or WIHA?  Did you know that if you present your membership card when tabbing out, you can get a 20% discount on your entry fees?  Don't have a 4-H or FFA Card, print the Youth Eligibility form at the bottom of this page and your Leader sign it to present and earn these discounts!


For the first time, UMBHA is hoping to have a Youth Team at the IBHA World show in Cloverdale, IN in July, 2019.  Stay tuned for more details!


The Buckskin Bucks is a Youth program developed within the UMBHA club to help encourage additional participation from our UMBHA Youth and offer them recognition for their participation.  Buckskin Bucks is open to all Youth that are current members of UMBHA (in good standing), not just those showing IBHA registered horses.


Youth will be able to earn Buckskin Bucks for every time they volunteer at events.  Buckskin Bucks can be earned by working in the UMBHA Booth at the Midwest Horse Fair or Minnesota Horse Expo and any other events where we can promote UMBHA and/or IBHA. Youth can also earn Buckskin Bucks for each class they enter at each show, as well as volunteering at our shows by ring stewarding, running the gate, helping the announcer, selling raffle tickets at our August show, setting up Trail class obstacles and parking lot cleanup.  They can also earn Buckskin Bucks for each stall they clean. The Buckskin Bucks each Youth earns will be totaled at the end of August by the chair, co-chair and the UMBHA President. A silent auction for the program will be held in conjunction with the annual year ends award banquet where each Youth can use their accumulated Buckskin Bucks to bid on items in an auction format. Examples of items that can be bid on but not limited to are: horse tack, show pads, grooming equipment, toys, buckets, etc.



HOW IT WORKS:  Each Youth needs to be a member in good standing with UMBHA. They will not be allowed to participate in the program if they are not a current member in good standing.  Any Youth is eligible for this program as soon as their membership is paid for the year. Youth are also allowed to participate if they are part of a Lifetime membership where an annual membership is no longer needed.


Each Youth will be responsible for keeping track of their volunteer hours and classes entered at each event on a Buckskin Bucks tracker sheet and having them signed by the respective individuals listed on the forms.  These sheets should then be turned in at the show office (preferred method) or given to the Buckskin Bucks Co-chair. These sheets will be available on the website, facebook page and at our shows.


The Buckskin Bucks tracker sheets will be due on August 30 of that current year.  Any sheet received after that date will not be included in the tabulations. A parent or legal guardian over the age of 18 must also sign the Buckskin Bucks tracker form. This is to say they acknowledge what was recorded is accurate to the best of their knowledge.  The Buckskin Bucks Tracker forms will then be validated by the program’s co-chairwomen and the UMBHA President.


Youth can earn buckskin bucks by the following ways:

  • $10 per class exhibited in.  Class can be either an IBHA or All Breed Class.  This will be based on horse & rider combination.  Youth can earn Buckskin Bucks on only one horse.

  • $50 per volunteer date for 1 – 3 hours

  • $75 per volunteer date for more than 3 hours.

    • Volunteering can be done by working in the booth representing UMBHA at either the Midwest Horse Fair or the Minnesota Horse Fair or by working at a show (ring stewarding or running the gate, selling raffle tickets at the August show, parking lot cleanup, helping to set up trail, etc.)

  • $25 per stall cleaned at any of our shows.

Youth will be notified by email how many Buckskin Bucks they have officially earned and will be allowed to spend at the annual awards banquet in November. Buckskin Bucks are only good for the year. They cannot be carried over year to year.  

OVERALL REVIEW:  The Buckskin Bucks program was developed to encourage Youth participation thru recognition. Our Youth are our future and UMBHA has finally been seeing an increase in Youth participation in the last year. UMBHA wanted to offer them another incentive to show with and support the club.  UMBHA would like to continue to grow their youth program and decided to think outside the box and entice our Youth to try more classes and be more involved.

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Youth Team Sponsorship Form

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Buckskin Bucks Tracker Form

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Youth Discount Eligibility Form