Make plans to join us for the UMBHA Year End Awards Banquet!


UMBHA's 2021 Year End Awards Banquet will be at the Best Western in Tomah, WI on November 13, 2021.   Be sure to make plans to join us for a fun night with your horse show family filled with good food, fun and lots of laughter. 

UMBHA is proud to offer great Year End Awards for all of our classes as well as Lifetime Achievement Awards for our members.

Nominating for awards is easy.  See our forms page for our nomination forms and the nomination rules.  

Don't forget to nominate for our Honor Awards.  The Honor award is a Lifetime Achievement Award in which points toward these awards accumulate each year you nominate for it.


We also offer the Wayne Anderson Memorial Award, which is in honor of a long time UMBHA member and supporter.  This award is a traveling trophy and UMBHA members must nominate for it, however, there is no cost to nominate.

2019 UMBHA Banquet in Tomah

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UMBHA Appreciation Award


The 2019 Appreciation Award was given to Michele Giraud

Thank you Michele for your continued support for UMBHA and all that you do for the club.  Your dedication is second to none and you are appreciated more than words can ever express!!

Previous UMBHA Appreciation Award Winners:

2017 - Todd Waldera

2018 - Michele Zimmerman

UMBHA Spirit Award

There is something undoubtedly special about this club and more importantly, the members of this club.  It's the family friendly culture that makes this club so special.  While many of us are competitors in the ring, we are friends above that...and UMBHA Family. 


This award will promote the spirit of helping one another; the spirit of helping the club; the spirit of a smile; the spirit of kindess. 


In essence the UMBHA Spirit!

2019 Spirit Award Winners:

Kennzie Dettmering

Ann Grotzke

Harley Grotzke

Tammy Long

Susan Duffy

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